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Fritz Teutsch CFCI
9246 Portage Industrial Drive
Portage, MI 49024-6176
Work Phone: (269) 327-1922
Fax: (269) 327-0716

Fritz Teutsch, CFCI, PRESIDENT of BASIC, started BASIC in 1989 with a mere three employees as a Section 125 administrator and has continued to grow our company with joint owner, Mike Stoddard to specialize in Section 125 administra┬Čtion as well as offer employers many other human resource related services. Fritz has an extensive background in the insurance business and has published several articles and taught numerous continuing education courses and seminars on cafeteria plans and HRA's. He has a BA from Western Michigan University and holds an Administrative Service Manager license with 28 years experience in the benefit service area. BASIC is a leader within the employee benefits and human resource industry Over the past 15 years, the benefit needs of employers and their employees have changed, and BASIC expanded to provide third party administration and a new roster of services, including; Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), COBRA and Payroll. Our clients have learned that they can trust BASIC to be a proactive partner to meet the challenges and opportunities of employee benefits and human resource administration. Our commitment to excellent customer service continues to set us apart from the competition.

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